Cleansing and Detox

Are you looking for a natural way to speed up weight loss,  rejuvenate your body and return to vibrant, energetic health?

A Nutritional Detoxification has been proven to effectively achieve these goals.

Every day we are exposed to chemicals through the foods we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath, and the products we use around the house. The toxins in these chemicals can wreak havoc on our bodies, interfering with our hormone systems and contributing to inflammation, premature ageing, and more serious health conditions.

Unfortunately, many of the cleansing and detoxification programs that gain attention in the media  and online promise fast results for drastic, unsustainable changes in behaviour. Many of them are simply periodic fasting regimens that can leave you feeling more depleted than energized.

What we do:

The key to cleansing and detoxification is to gently rid yourself of both dietary and environmental toxins, while fueling your body with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The holistic approach ensures that all sources of toxins, not just those from foods, are considered and addressed so that you can get and stay on the path to better health and speed up weight loss,  rejuvenate your body and return to vibrant, energetic health. 

Get on the holistic path to cleansing and detoxification that will speed up weight loss and leave you feeling vibrant and full of life by booking a Private Consultationattending a Group Workshop, or reading our Resources section.

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